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Futaba 4PX 2.4 GHz 4 channels

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FTFP4PX-2.4  € 480,00

Techical Data:

30% faster and 0.5 oz (15 g) lighter than the 4PKS-R
40 model memories
5 programmable mixes
A.B.S. system with 7 parameters
Adjustable LCD backlight and led
Adjustable rotating antenna
Synthesized voice for telemetry data
Compatible with T-FHSS, S-FHSS and FASST receivers
Dual rates
Secondary dual rates
3.5" (89 mm) TFT (Thin Film Transistor) color LCD screen makes navigation and programming fast and simple.
Rx battery voltage displayed on the transmitter via telemetry
Exponential functions for steering and throttle
Easy nitro engine start
Includes a fail safe directly adjustable on the transmitter
4 channel servo reverse
Servo speed limiters
Servo End Point Adjustments
Dual ESC mixing for crawlers
Brake mixing for 1:5 scale cars
Gyro mixing for drift cars
Graphical representation of the servos movement
Extremely light and ergonomic to reduce the drivers fatigue
New Crawler functions
Trigger unit can be adjusted forward or backward by 7 mm
You can configure the trims to have different resolutions
Adjustable steering wheel spring tension
You can configure the buttons to use any function you like
You can configure your radio without transmitting any signal
Adjuster feature that restores compromised settings to Factory Default
Main menu and trims can be locked
You can change the steering wheel from right to left position
Free user-updateable software
You can use standard servos (PPM mode) or digital servos (HRS mode)
Built-in S.Bus servo/Futaba ESC/telemetry sensor programmers
Possibility to copy a model memory with another Futaba 4PX
Navigation system with a multi directional button for a greater simplicity and easiness
Micro memory card slot
All channels have sub-trims for more precise adjustments
Has a vibrating and sound alert system
Advanced lap timer for 100 laps with trigger activation
Dual-compound foam steering wheel


Futaba 4PX 2.4 GHz transmitter
Futaba R304SB 4 Channel receiver ( T-FHSS )
Steering wheel adapter
4 screws to use with the adapter
Extra trigger ( large )
Instruction manual

Requires to operate:

Servos (standard, PPM mode or digital, HRS mode)
6V battery pack for receiver
4 AA size batteries for the radio


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If you use standard servos you have to choose the analog servo option on the receiver menu.

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