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Kyosho Calmato Alpha 40 Sports ( blue ) ( EP / GP )

Kyosho Calmato Alpha 40 Sports ( blue ) ( EP / GP )

MODEL Calmato Alpha 40 Sports
CATEGORY Airplanes
SUBCATEGORY EP / GP Compatible Airplanes
MANUAL Calmato_Alpha40_Sports_Manual.pdf   ( 9,01 MB )
PARTS LIST Calmato_Alpha40_Sports_Partslist.pdf   ( 528,89 KB )
EXPLODED VIEW Calmato_Alpha40_Sports_Exploded.pdf   ( 133,74 KB )
For more details please visit the manufacturer's page:
www.kyoshoamerica.com   www.kyosho.com  
Length Width Weight Propeller Engine
1400mm1600mm2550 ~ 2650g[not included][not included]

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KY-11237B  € 150,00

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When its time to graduate from a beginner trainer, the next step could be this stylish low wing sports plane. The option of either EP or GP in the CALMATO ALPHA 40 Sports allows you to choose your preferred power source. Both embody the definitive stability of the CALMATO series with optimal maneuverability allowing low wing airplane beginners to fly stunts like loops and rolls. In addition, this kit is factory assembled and expertly pre-covered in quality film with printed coloring and Kyosho comprehensive design and construction ensures no gluing is required. The main wing halves are joined with an aluminum pin and can be separated for compact and easy transport. Motor mount, engine mount, tires, spinner and linkage parts are all included. Only a few separate items are needed to get airborne so it’s easy to enjoy the sporty flight performance of this conveniently priced low wing airplane.

Characteristics of Kyosho Calmato Alpha 40 Sports ( blue ) ( EP / GP )

  • Possibility of assembling e glow engine or electric motor ( both motor mounts supplied )
  • 3-point undercarriage realizes exceptional take-off and landing stability. Performs light-hearted stunts and has excellent stall characteristics
  • No epoxy or gluing required
  • Made of balsa with pre-covered film
  • Comes already assembled but requires a few steps to be completed
  • Left/right main wings are connected with a metal pin and fixed with tape
  • Tail wing is secured simply by screwing in two bolts
  • Painted pilot is supplied
  • Open engine room gives great access for maintenance
  • Difficult to manage knock-pins are already installed. Tighten the wing bolt to securely fix the main wing

Technical Specifications:
  • Length: 1400mm
  • Width: 1600mm
  • Engine / Motor: [not included]
  • Propeller: [not included]
  • Weight: 2550 ~ 2650g


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  • Calmato Alpha 40 Sports fuselage
  • Wings
  • EP / GP motor mounts
  • Spinner
  • Fuel tank and fuel tubing
  • Painted pilot
  • Links
  • Undercarriage
  • Decal sheet
  • Instruction manual

  • 4 channel radio
  • 4 servos + ESC for EP and 5 servos for GP
  • 2 stroke .40 ~ .46 class engine or 600 to 1000W electric powered brushless motor for EP
  • D11xP7 or D12xP6 propeller
  • GP - 12V starter motor
  • GP - 12V battery ( for the starter )
  • GP - Fuel
  • GP - Glow plug heater (Item code: A2-C7303)
  • GP - Cross wrench (Item code: PP-10)
  • Y extension and 2 pcs of 300mm wire extension
  • EP - Li-Po battery with 4 cells and a 5000 mah capacity
  • Compatible battery charger

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