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Kyosho Hawker Hurricane SQS 50 ARF

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KY-11871  € 340,00

Comprimento Largura Peso Hélice Motor
1245mm1520mm3150g[not included][not included]

Techical Data:

Main structure is made of lightweight balsa with special fuselage characteristics of the Spitfire also faithfully reproduced and factory-finished
Factory-covered in high-quality lightweight film that maintains its color even if splashed with glow fuel and doesn’t wrinkle from variations in temperature
Internal structure is already prepared for installation of retractable landing gear
Plenty of space inside the fuselage makes linkage setup much easier
As the servo bed is already installed, just use linkage parts supplied to complete the few simple remaining steps
Includes 420cc fuel tank, wheels and links
Pilot figure and 3D instrument panel installed


Hawker Hurricane 50 fuselage made of balsa
Wings and aileron
Undercarriage and wheels
Fuel tank
Motor mounts
Servo links
Instruction manuals

Requires to operate:

6 channel radio (minumum ) - Recomended 8 channel
8 servos ( 1 for retracts )
2 stroke .45 ~ .55 class engine or 4 stroke. 56 ~ .62 class engine
D11xP6 ~ D13xP7 propeller
57mm spinner
12V starter motor
12V battery ( for the starter )
Manual fuel pump (Item code: RIP-L-IP141)
Glow plug heater (Item code: A2-C7303)
Cross wrench (Item code: PP-10)
2pcs of 300mm extension ( for aileron )
2pcs of 200mm Y extension ( for aileron and flap )
1pcs of 100mm extension ( for servo retract )
8 AA size batteries for the radio and 4 AA size batteries for the receiver


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