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Kyosho Caliber 6

Kyosho Caliber 6

MODEL Caliber 6
CATEGORY Helicopters
MANUAL Caliber6_Manual.pdf   ( 32,48 MB )
PARTS LIST Caliber6_Partslist.pdf   ( 1,80 MB )
EXPLODED VIEW Caliber6_Exploded.pdf   ( 2,04 MB )
For more details please visit the manufacturer's page:
www.kyoshoamerica.com   www.kyosho.com  
Length Height Width Main rotor length Rear rotor length Fuel tank capacity Weight Engine
1160mm410mm210mm1320mm260mm440cc3400g[not included]

Item Code Brand / Model / Description Price in Euros Add to Cart
KY-21260  € 255,00

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While keeping the economic benefits of a 50-class size helicopter, the CALIBER 6 matches 90-class machines for performance. Building on the CALIBER 5 reputation as the best 50-class trainer, the evolutionary CALIBER 6 also features the previously optional EMS unit as standard amongst other enhancements in key areas that result in superior control. As the only helicopter in its class with full push-pull linkages (excluding throttle linkage), the CALIBER 6 produces precision control without any play for a more linear response. Even during radical maneuvers, this machine responds smoothly and quietly to the will of the pilot while meeting the intense demands of expert-level fliers and the new F3C rules as well as exciting 3D flight performance. The dynamic performance of the CALIBER 6 is waiting for you to put it to the test.

Characteristics of Kyosho Caliber 6

  • Equipped with EMS system and all push pull except for throttle
  • Aileron, elevator and pitch control all use push-pull linkages for sharp and reliable control
  • The unique resin monocoque frame produces the strength and rigidity for superior 3D flight
  • Full ball bearing specifications including critical linkage bellcranks
  • Radio box for receiver and battery provides organized management of wiring
  • Equipped with 440cc fuel tank suitable for intensive 3D acrobatic flight
  • Latest styling from low height and lightweight brace and sharp body
  • Needs to be 100% assembled
  • Equipped with precision metal parts such as aluminum clutch drum and pulley combined with steel/resin swash plate, steel head (yoke, center hub, see-saw) to meet the demands of 3D flying

Technical Specifications:
  • Length: 1160mm
  • Width: 210mm
  • Height: 410mm
  • Main Rotor: 1320mm
  • Tail Rotor: 260mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 440cc
  • Engine / Motor: [not included]
  • Weight: 3400g


Click images for more details

  • Kyosho Caliber 6 helicopter
  • Instruction manual
  • Decal sheet

  • 6 channel stick radio with 5 servos
  • Class 50 engine
  • Gyroscope
  • Glow plug heater (Item code: A2-C7303)
  • Fuel

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