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Kyosho Mini Z Moto Racer Honda Repsol RC212V No.27 Readyset

Kyosho Mini Z Moto Racer Honda Repsol RC212V No.27 Readyset

MODEL Mini Z Moto Racer
CATEGORY Mini Models
SUBCATEGORY Mini Z Motor Racer
MANUAL Not available.
PARTS LIST Not available.
EXPLODED VIEW Not available.
For more details please visit the manufacturer's page:
www.kyoshoamerica.com   www.kyosho.com  
Length Height Width Weight Motor
118mm73mm41mm85gKV 7000 Brushless

Item Code Brand / Model / Description Price in Euros Add to Cart
KY-30053CS  € 150,00

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The very popular Moto GP machine has been truly shrunk down to a 1:18 scale model that will fit in the palm of your hand. It is now under your control, ready to battle with your friends on Mini-Z size race tracks. Looking at the constant demands for the 1/8 scale Hanging On Racer, there are for sure, a few enthusiasts of R/C motorcycles all over the world. However, it is true that it was not easy for R/C beginners to get used to driving an R/C motorcycle because a two-wheel vehicle is naturally unstable at the low speed range. The MINI-Z Moto Racer has adopted sophisticated technologies to overcome this problem and has lowered the hurdle while maintaining the fun of control. Anybody can now jump into this genre and feel the fun of two-wheel vehicle driving. The first hobby grade R/C Micro Motorcycle at this size! The innovative E-gyro system equipped within the rear wheel keeps the bike going straight even running at a super slow speed while realizing quick leaning action at a high speed. With the digital proportional system for steering and throttle, you can control the bike as if you are riding on it! No special technique is required to drive it, if you are an experienced R/C car driver, you’ll only need a short period of practice to get used to it. Even if the bike falls down, no worries, the support bars hold the bike at a certain angle and help restart running when some throttle is applied. Equipped with a high power coreless drive motor, lightweight 3.7V 120mAh LiPo battery, and ten ball bearings the bike accelerates up to 20km/h without stress and realizes up to a 10-minute runtime. Thanks to the E-gyro system, the Mini-Z Moto Racer can run virtually on any on-road surfaces such as needle punched carpets, urethane tracks, tiles, and smoothly paved asphalt.

Characteristics of Kyosho Mini Z Moto Racer Honda Repsol RC212V No.27 Readyset

  • Equipped with ball bearings in the transmission
  • Equipped with a KT-19 transmitter in 2.4 Ghz but in FHSS mode
  • E-Gyro in the rear wheel to help the stability
  • Includes a Li-Po charger that connects via USB to a computer or to the transmitter to charge the battery
  • Caster angle can be adjusted according to your driving characteristics
  • Being a 2.4 Ghz transmitter there is no need to worried about frequencies
  • Front and rear suspension

Technical Specifications:
  • Length: 118mm
  • Width: 41mm
  • Height: 73mm
  • Engine / Motor: KV 7000 Brushless
  • Weight: 85g


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  • Mini Z Moto Racer chassis
  • Kyosho KT-19 2.4 Ghz
  • KV9000 brushless motor
  • 2.4 Ghz control unit
  • 3,7V Li-Po battery
  • Pinion gear tool
  • USB dual charger
  • Tools
  • Instruction manual

  • 4 AAA size batteries for the radio

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