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Kyosho Madforce Kruiser 2.0 VE Readyset ( 2.4 Ghz )

Kyosho Madforce Kruiser 2.0 VE Readyset ( 2.4 Ghz )

MODEL Madforce Kruiser 2.0 VE Readyset
SUBCATEGORY Monster Trucks
MANUAL Madforce_Kruiser_20_VE_Manual.pdf   ( 27,11 MB )
PARTS LIST Madforce_Kruiser_20_VE_Partslist.pdf   ( 5,31 MB )
EXPLODED VIEW Madforce_Kruiser_20_VE_Exploded.pdf   ( 1,93 MB )
For more details please visit the manufacturer's page:
www.kyoshoamerica.com   www.kyosho.com  
Length Height Width Wheelbase Track Ground clearance Tires Weight Motor
545mm248mm383mm315 - 326mm310mm54mm155 x 70.5mm4650gTeam Orion Neon 8
Possible Replacement Parts:
Spare Parts (70) Optional Parts (22)

Item Code Brand / Model / Description Price in Euros Add to Cart
KY-30888-RS  € 489,00

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Drivers will be blown away by the explosive acceleration as soon as the throttle trigger is pulled on this intimidating monster truck. Needless to say, wheelies are a breeze! The extraordinary power and performance comes from the Team Orion VORTEX brushless motor and new R8 ESC that combine to deliver simply breathtaking power and monster acceleration never seen before. With a heavy-duty chassis and drive train to back it up, the MAD FORCE Kruiser VE demonstrates superior durability. Also, the Readyset features a pre-assembled chassis, so just arrange your own batteries for the chassis and transmitter and a battery charger and you are ready to bash in true monster truck power and style.

Characteristics of Kyosho Madforce Kruiser 2.0 VE Readyset ( 2.4 Ghz )

  • Use of steel bevel gears in the rear differential gives the machine plenty of grunt when it´s needed most
  • Body comes painted and ready to use
  • Equipped with 4 big bore oil shock absorber with orange springs
  • Includes the Perfex KT231P 2.4 Ghz radio system. All linkages are installed and set, ready for you to take control
  • Equipped with waterproof Kyosho 6,5kg servo with metallic gears on the steering
  • Fully factory assembled
  • Tires are pre-glued to the wheels so even first time users will have no problem getting the best out of this machine
  • Team Orion R8 ESC and powerful Team Orion Neon 8 brushless motor
  • Full ball bearing
  • 4WD transmission for better handling and power usage

Technical Specifications:
  • Length: 545mm
  • Width: 383mm
  • Height: 248mm
  • Wheelbase: 315 - 326mm
  • Track: 310mm
  • Ground Clearance: 54mm
  • Tires: 155 x 70.5mm
  • Engine / Motor: Team Orion Neon 8
  • Weight: 4650g


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  • Kyosho Madforce Kruiser 2.0 VE Readyset
  • Team Orion R8 ESC and Team Orion Neon 8 brushless motor
  • Kyosho Perfex KT231P ( 2.4 Ghz ) steering wheel radio
  • Pre-cut and painted body with decals applied
  • Wheels wrench
  • Maintenance tools
  • Instruction manual

  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • 4 AA size batteries for the radio

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