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Kyosho Mini Z Racer AWD MA020 DWS Audi R8 LMS Phoenix Racing

Kyosho Mini Z Racer AWD MA020 DWS Audi R8 LMS Phoenix Racing

CATEGORY Mini Models
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www.kyoshoamerica.com   www.kyosho.com  
Length Width Wheelbase Tires Weight Motor
127,5 / 131,5mm65 ~ 72mm90, 92mmF=25x8,5mm
135gKyosho Class 130
Possible Replacement Parts:
Spare Parts (23)

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KY-32153BT  € 190,00

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Kyosho, the world´s leading manufacturer of radio control cars, reinvents the mini class with the introduction of the new AWD Mini-Z 2.4 GHz. This new chassis, dubbed the MA-020, features an inline shaft-drive system that will elevate the performance of the Mini-Z to a whole new level. The added traction of AWD means it gets through corners more quickly and is able to run on surfaces that would easily trap a 2WD car. The extra traction of the AWD is even further enhanced with new four-wheel independent suspension. The AWD Mini-Z also features many drive train improvements that make it even more efficient and the electronics have been upgraded.

Characteristics of Kyosho Mini Z Racer AWD MA020 DWS Audi R8 LMS Phoenix Racing

  • The chassis length is easily adjusted so you can use previous Mini Z bodies.
  • Independent 4 wheel suspension
  • The transmission from the differentials to the wheels is made by universal swing shafts made of a very resistant plastic with metal on the inside
  • With only 5 grams more than the Mini Z Racer 2, this model has a 4 wheel drive transmission
  • Highly detailed painted body with "Glosscoat" finish for a nicer look
  • Highly resistant and compact chassis
  • Equipped with 4 precision bearings for a smoother transmission
  • Equipped with a 130 electric motor class
  • Easy access to the differentials. Just unscrew 4 bolts in front and 6 in the back
  • Tiki Tiki mode available
  • Ideal for drifting. The chassis slides in a very realistic way because of it´s AWD system
  • Includes 4 pinions and 3 spur gears for multiple configurations
  • Includes chassis ride high adjustment shims
  • The suspension system works in a way that the wheels never bind on the body
  • Factory assembled by Kyosho
  • The chassis design allows you to use Mini Z Racer bodies
  • Equipped with a micro receiver and a micro servo
  • Dynamic suspension wishbone adds camber in the wheels when cornering
  • Electronic Speed Controller with front, rear and brake

Technical Specifications:
  • Length: 127,5 / 131,5mm
  • Width: 65 ~ 72mm
  • Wheelbase: 90, 92mm
  • Tires: F=25x8,5mm
  • Engine / Motor: Kyosho Class 130
  • Weight: 135g


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  • Mini-Z Racer AWD MA020 DWS 2.4 GHz chassis
  • 130 class motor
  • Body

  • 8 AAA size batteries for the radio and for the model
  • ASF 2.4 GHz Transmitter

  • The Mini Z Racer bodies with a medium and long chassi fit on the AWD.
  • The Mini Z Racer AWD rims are specific from this model. The rims from other Mini Z Racer models cannot be used with AWD.
  • The rims included with Autoscale bodies cannot be used in AWD except if it´s specific for AWD.
  • Use only specific motors for AWD.

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