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Kyosho Inferno ST-RR Evo 2

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KY-33004  € 670,00

Comprimento Altura Largura Distancia entre eixos Distancia entre eixos frontal Peso Motor
575mm210mm428mm373~378mm353mm3750g[not included]

Techical Data:

Both shock towers are 5mm thick and are grey anodized
Big bore shocks with threaded body for fine adjustment included for better handling in the jumps and holes in the terrain
High precision steel bevel gears
New wheel nuts with nylon resin to prevent the wheels to become loose
The ST-RR Evo uses long suspension arms for more precise handling, stability and steering input
Wheel hubs included to increase the front and rear tread by 18mm, this delivers increased average cornering speed and stability
Equipped with a 3 piece aluminum clutch
Equipped with 20º and 22º front hubs with 3 configuration possibilities
Equipped with the inferno MP9 grey anodized 3 point flywheel
Mud guards to protect the transmission and suspension parts
Equipped with a big bumper
Equipped with universal swing shafts and stabilizers
Lightweight universal swing shafts that results in a reduction in rotating mass and produces more agility and sharper response
Equipped with new racing pads made out of ferodo used in full scale racing and steel vented brakes
Equipped with a 150cc fuel tank which is the legal size used in this scale of racing. The allowed engine displacement for this scale of racing is slightly bigger so, the bigger tank will compensate for the slight increase in fuel consumption
Newly designed body to produce better aerodynamics
The typical wheelbase in a buggy is 330mm. The ST-RR Evo has 45mm more ( 373 to 378mm). The bigger wheelbase gives the ST-RR Evo a greater stability, without compromising steering response
Supplied with Inferno MP9 air filter
The ST-RR Evo uses a spur gear of only 50 teeth and therefore the center universal shafts work more parallel to the chassis. The entire transmission is optimized so that the engine power is transferred more efficiently.
Equipped with chassis braces made of aluminum and very resistant ball ends This type of chassis braces allows a slight torsion of the chassis for a better handling on the rough tracks
The plastic parts are made with small carbon fragments inside and therefore they are very durable and resistant. This type of quality is well known and proven over the years by Kyosho
MP9 type radio plate with front battery box for better weight distribuition
Wing of the inferno MP9 included and a wing mount that goes 18mm high and 8 mm to the back creates more downforce for improved high speed handling and traction
4 wheel drive


Inferno ST-RR Evo 2 chassis
Transparent Inferno ST-RR Evo 2 body
Air filter
Decal sheet
Instruction manual

Requires to operate:

2 channel radio with 2 servos ( with at least 6.5 Kg are recommended )
3,5 to 4,6cc engine
Muffler and manifold
4 wheels and tires
Starter box with batteries
Glow plug heater (Ref.A2-C7303)
Receiver hump battery pack
Lexan paint for the body
Fuel filler bottle (Ref.KY-96423)
Cross wrench (Ref.PP-10)
Silicone oil for the shocks
Thread lock
Air filter oil


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