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Kyosho V One R4 Evo

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KY-33204  € 500,00

Comprimento Altura Largura Distancia entre eixos Altura ao solo Medida dos pneus Peso Motor
1700g[not included]

Techical Data:

Belt tension adjustment is made with the rotation of the differential supports
Shocks made of aluminum with a threaded shock body
Front and rear stabilizer bars
Inline receiver battery pack right on the center of the chassis and under the fuel tank
Automatic 2 speed adjustable gearbox ( smaller with less rotating mass )
Open front and rear bulkheads. The rear has more upper rear arms adjustment positions
New 56 e 61 teeth spur gears made of a tougher material
Lightweight disk brake
3-D adjustable clutch and 2 speed gearbox for a more effective transmission
Front and rear differential
Lighter, stronger and faster
New receiver box
New radio plate that provides better flex and more traction
3mm chassis made of 7075S aluminum and new lighter carbon radio plate
New 75cc fuel tank with a step to maximize fuel usage
The extreme low center of gravity gives it the best handling of it´s class
The throttle and brake servo is in upright position to simplify the mechanism for an easier maintenance
The suspension system allows easy adjustments
Front bumper made of nylon and high density foam
Included Team Kyosho tires (26mm in front and 30mm in rear)
Reduced pinion size for a lower rotating mass, for faster acceleration
Reduced pinion and spur gears size, engine mount size and height, pulley and clutch size
Optimized 1st and 2nd gear ratio to take maximum advantage of the engine´s power
Adjustable servo saver
Lay down steering servo for a lower center of gravity
Small bulkheads to minimize mass dispersion for a bigger speed and acceleration
Full bearing specification
Hex screws in all car
3mm carbon shock tower
Camber, toe and caster fully adjustable
4 wheel drive
3 belt transmission


V One R4 chassis
Set of 26mm front tires and 30mm rear tires
2mm Hex driver
Decal sheet
Instruction manual

Requires to operate:

2 channel radio with 2 servos (steering servo with at least 6.5Kg is recommended)
2.11cc engine
Rear exhaust tuned pipe
Air filter
Starter box with batteries
Lexan paint for the body
Fuel filler bottle (Item code: KY-96423)
Cross wrench (Item code: PP-10)
6V inline battery pack for the receiver
Glow plug heater (Item code:A2-C7303)
Thread lock
RX/TX charger
Batteries for the radio transmitter


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