Kyosho FW06 Chassis Kit (KE15SP)


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The chassis kit can be enjoyed a wide range from parking lots to circuits.

Loaded with the KE15SP engine that is easy to handle even for beginners of GP touring cars.

User-friendly with mild control response, the FW-06 is the perfect introduction to GP touring cars and the performance of this amazing machine seems to evolve as your driving technique improves. 2-speed automatic transmission combines with the high-power KE15SP engine to make full use of the power band and maximize performance from KYOSHO's proven shaft-driven 4WD chassis. With the same rear suspension as the World Champion V-ONE RRR with setting options and maintenance-friendly features only available on the latest racing machines, the FW-06 chassis also meets the demands of expert-level drivers. This Kit needs to be fully assembled.

Loaded with KE15SP engine with slide carburetor fitted with slow idle adjustment.

Double wishbone suspension with adjustable camber and toe angles.

Separate left/right structure of the front upper suspension holder realizes strength, rigidity and easy maintenance.

Newly designed quick-refill fuel tank cap and dustproof radio box combine imperious form with a low center of gravity.

Low center of gravity and dustproof radio box.

Oil shocks feature aluminum cases and dials for stepless tension adjustment of the stylish white springs.

2-speed automatic transmission included as standard makes effective use of the engine's power band. High-strength brake disk holder produces controllable braking power.

  • Loaded with KE15SP engine with slide carburetor fitted with slow idle adjustment and return spring.
  • Reliable universal swing shafts included on front.
  • Turnbuckle tie-rods used for steering rod and rear upper arms for fully adjustable alignment.
  • KYOSHO's proven center-shaft drive 4WD provides light control response.
  • Disk brakes deliver reliable and responsive braking control.
  • Unique compact recoil starter without one-way clutch realizes lower resistance and starts the engine with a pull on the starter cord.
  • Equipped with a total of 22 ball bearings for highly-efficient, full-bearing specification.
  • Fitted with tuned muffler and large air cleaner.
  • High-grip rubber tires with inner sponge supports are included onto wheels (needs gluing).

Technical Specifications:

Length: 375mm

Width: 200mm

Ground Clearance: 5mm

Wheelbase: 258mm

Tread (F/R): 176mm

Tire(F/R): 66×25mm

Gear Ratio: 7.47 / 5.44:1

Weight: 1,800g (approx.)

Motor: Kyosho KE15SP

  • Chassis Kit (needs full assembly)
  • Pre-mounted Kyosho KE15SP Engine with Pullstart
  • 4x Kyosho TC Medium Tires (FAT701M)
  • 4x Kyosho Inner Inserts
  • 4x Kyosho Wheels (VZH003BK)
  • L-shape hex wrenches: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm
  • Cross wrench
  • 1:10 200mm Body
  • 2ch Transmitter
  • 2x Servos
  • Switch
  • Silicone oil for Suspension and Diffs
  • Grease
  • 8x AA size Batteries
  • Fuel
  • Fuel bottle
  • Plug heater
Power Plant
1/10 Scale
Drive Train
4 Wheel Drive
Vehicle Type
Touring Car
On Road
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