Futaba Servo BLS174SV Low Profile Brushless HV S-Bus2 (9.6Kg/0.09s/7.4V)


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This low profile servo is designed for aileron use, where its unusual shape makes installation into a thin wing simple. With a super fast speed and high torque, this servo is suitable for even larger size aircraft.

  • High voltage (7.4V)
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Brushless motor
  • Metal gear
  • Programable

Technical Specifications:

Recommended Aplication: Airplane wings

Operating Voltage: 6V - 7.4V

Operating Speed @ 7.4V: 0.09s / 60º

Operating Torque @ 7.4V: 9.6kg

Operating Speed @ 6.6V: 0.10s / 60º

Operating Torque @ 6.6V: 8.8kg

Operating Speed @ 6V: 0.11s / 60º

Operating Torque @ 6V: 7.8kg

Motor Type: Brushless

Output Shaft: 25 Teeth

Gears: Metal (partial)

Berings: Double

Dimensions: 47.5x27x25.4mm

Weight: 53g

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