OS Engines Max 15LA with Silencer

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This is the OS Engines 15LA. It comes supplied with the 10G carburetor and OS Max 871 Muffler.

  • More cooling fin area extends the life of the engine, and virtually eliminates engine seizures in the air
  • Added "webbing" on the crankcase strengthens high-stress areas to help ensure that they stand up to the rigors of learning to fly
  • Overall tighter needle valve fit utilizes an "O" ring to help maintain the performance levels you need
  • A fuel inlet that points up allows for easier fuel line access for fueling and defueling

Technical Specifications:

Displacement: 2.49cc

Bore: 15.2mm

Stroke: 13.7mm

Pratical RPM: 2,500-18,000

Output: 0.40hp @ 17,000 RPM

Weight: 138g

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