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Designed to combine maximum power with razor sharp throttle response in the smallest possible crankcase, the 55AX has the same mounting dimensions as the popular 46AX above, but an increase in power to 1.75PS. The dramatic AX fin styling is used for optimum cooling and the rearward angled needle on the carb makes adjustments safer. The new 40K carb and also helps increase the horsepower over the previous 40J model. Perfect for sport, scale and aerobatic models.

  • Comes with the E3071 muffler for quiet efficiency.
  • 40K carburetor has a diagonally placed needle valve so you do not need a remote needle valve.
  • Mounts directly into the bolt pattern for the O.S. Max .46 AXII
  • Advanced Bimetallic Liner (ABL) uses two alloys to provide a durable layer between the brass liner and piston.
  • Angular head design offers increased surface area for better cooling

Technical Specifications:

Displacement: 8.93cc

Bore: 23mm

Stroke: 21.5mm

Pratical RPM: 2,000-17,000

Output: 1.68hp @ 16,000 RPM

Weight: 525g with muffler

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